We created this program to make it easier and more accessible for our resellers to create orders online.

Once you have created your account by registering on the site, contact us using the form below to activate your RETAILER account.

You will thus begin to see the prices updated with the discounts dedicated to you. What are you waiting for?

    Company or Shop? Write us from here:

    ALREADY HAVE a Retailer account?

    First, make sure to be logged in! Otherwise you won’t see your dedicated prices. Then search through all the products in the catalog listed below, or browse the site like a normal user, you will always find the prices dedicated to you.

    Once the cart is complete, use the discount coupons in price ranges:

    • code RETAILER3 for orders over €500(-3% discount)
    • code RETAILER5 for orders over €700(-5% discount)

    Remember that you will need to reach a minimum of €100 to continue through checkout.

    You can always get in touch with us via WhatsApp for a quick response


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