Galileo Galilei straightrazor by Thiers-Issard


The new SV straight-razor is the second in the LIMITED collection dedicated to Italian characters whose works and deeds have become a world heritage.
This second release is a tribute to one of the greatest personalities in the field of science: Galileo Galilei, unanimously considered the father of modern science.

Straight-Razor handmade in France in collaboration with Thiers-Issard:

  • 7/8 bellied full hollow
  • 100% carbon steel c135
  • Tip Hook Nose
  • Hollow ground with mirror finish
  • Mirror polished shank and profiles
  • Back decoration “Fleur de Lys” (Lily)
  • Snake Wood Handle
  • Leather case
  • Thiers-Issard Universal Warranty

*please note: this type of wood (like all other woods) carries an aspect that can vary. Chosen item may differ from the one in the picture.

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Galileo Galilei straightrazor by Thiers-Issard

In stock